The conference welcomes papers on the following (but not limited to) research topics:

Application Security

Electronic Commerce
E-Learning and M-Learning Applications
Healthcare Information System Security
Enterprise Systems Security
Internet of Things Security
Grid and Cloud Applications Security
Smartphone and Mobile Applications Security
Security of Web-based Applications and Services
Malware and Anti-Malware
Information Hiding and Digital Forensics
Steganography, Watermarking
Biometrics Applications and Technologies
Electronic Passports, National ID and Smart Card Security
Trusted Computing
Surveillance Systems
Social Network Security
Executable Content and Content Filtering
Virtual Machine Security

Information Security
Database Security
Fraud Control
Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Cryptography and Privacy
Security Models and Protocols
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Digital Rights Management and Intellectual Property Protection
Risk Evaluation and Security Certification
Security Management
Authentication and Access Control
Social Engineering
Operating System Security
Identity Management
Key Management and Key Recovery
Security Policies and Trust Management
Legal Issues
SCADA and Embedded systems security

Network Security
Intranet Technologies Security
Bluetooth Technology Security
Ad-hoc Networks Security
Heterogeneous Networks Security
Broadband and High Speed Network Security
VoIP Security
Wireless Network Security
Peer to Peer Security
Software Defined Radio and RF Security
Security in Cloud Computing
Hardware-Based security
Security for Future Networks
Distributed and Pervasive Systems Security